The Rabbit Tree is an hostel based in one of the three Gili islands in Indonesia : Gili Meno.

Gili Meno is the smallest island compared to the two others (1,5km). It offers tranquility in an almost wild nature. The seared of Gili Meno attracts a large number of tourists each year.

The Rabbit Tree hostel was built in 2017. The owner wanted to create an unusual place with a big story, creating unforgettable experiences while meeting new people and exploring new cultures.

But, he knew a lot of difficulties related to natural disasters (earthquake, big waves that prevented tourists boats from coming…).

The hostel closed several times until reopening in January 2019 and making up for lost time and have to bring back lot of new guests.

The Rabbit Tree

The unique place aims to make travelers travel in a kind of other dimension. Indeed, it’s strongly inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Each room of this hostel has a different universe and makes the place completely surreal.

The Project

In first time, we tried to understand the universe of the place and the story the owner wants to tell us. already existed but the problem was that very few people went on booking !

After doing an audit of the website, we realized a number of issues, especially understanding problems.

Our job was to make it more understandable to the public by solving many problems. In addition, we tried to bring our personal touch with drawings, photos etc.